The Premier Dynamics CRM Toolkit

Integrates directly into Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015
Compatible with TFS and other version control systems

Web Resources

Create, Edit and Publish CRM 2011, 2013 and 2015
Web Resources Directly from Visual Studio

Download your web resources from CRM directly into Visual Studio. Then create, update and publish any web resource with the click of a single button.

Add Items to Visual Studio Project

Plugins and Workflows

Create, Build and Deploy custom Plugins and Workflows from Visual Studio

CRM Solution Manager has a greatly enhanced plugin registration tool that allows you to create and update plugin assemblies with the click of a single button.

CRM Solution Manager provides the following features for custom plugins and workflows:

  • Build and publish to CRM with the click of a single button.
  • Automatically merge referenced assemblies using ILMerge and then publish the merged assembly to the CRM database.
  • Register multiple steps and images at once.
  • Ability to bulk enable or disable steps.
  • Ability to bulk delete images, steps, plugins and assemblies.
  • Custom Workflow and Plugin Project templates in both C# and VB.Net.

JavaScript and TypeScript Intellisense

Intellisense for the Xrm JavaScript objects are fully supported for both JavaScript and TypeScript

Coding JavaScript web resources is now easier than ever with Visual Studio intellisense. Not only do you get intellisense for the Xrm form objects but also for the specific entity attributes, including OptionSet values.

JavaScript Intellisense

Proxy Classes for C# and VB.NET

Proxy classes make your coding easier and less prone to errors

Working with proxy classes greatly simplifies any programming task. Until now, the only way to generate those classes was to use the crmsvcutil in the CRM SDK. While these classes were a good starting point, they are heavy and require extra steps to get them to work with ILMerge in order to be able to use them with plugins.

CRM Solution Manager now provides the ability to generate lightweight, smart, proxy classes that give you the intellisense you want without the overhead of using crmsvcutil. These classes include the ability to track changes made to each object. In this manner you are able to update only those properties that have actually changed instead of pushing the entire object to CRM. This helps remove clutter from the audit logs that track everything that is pushed on an update instead of just logging those values that have actually changed.

Since these classes do not rely on any other assemblies you are able to easily deploy them in plugins and workflows, even if you need to merge the assemblies using ILMerge.

Sitemap Editor

CRM Solution Manager includes a built-in Sitemap editor allowing you to easily customize your CRM sitemap

CRM Solution Manager allows you to edit the sitemap with the most comprehensive and easy to use sitemap editor that is integrated directly into Visual Studio. No more tweaking with XML in a text editor. Simply open up your sitemap in Visual Studio and make your modifications with a GUI that looks just like CRM. You can modify the sitemap with the ease of drag and drop capabilities. Changing an icon is as simple as selecting one from a picklist.

We also offer a FREE stand-alone version of the editor that you can download here.

Sitemap Editor

Security Roles

Update ALL security roles at once for any entity

Need to modify permissions for a particular entity? Using the CRM interface you have to open up each role, navigate to the particular tab, scroll to the particular entity, modify the required permissions, save the changes, and then repeat for each role in the system. This can be tedious and time consuming.

CRM Solution Manager provides the ability to modify role permissions on a per-entity basis. Simply open the dialog and choose which entity to modify. You can now edit all the permissions for each of the roles in the system, including all business units.

Edit Entity Permissions

SSRS Reports

Create, Modify and Deploy SSRS reports to CRM with ease

CRM Solution Manager allows you to create, edit and publish SSRS reports directly from Visual Studio┬« 2010, 2012 or 2013.  Publishing your modified report file from Visual Studio is as easy as the click of a single button.

Publish Report

CRM Charts

Easily modify the Chart XML for any system or user owned chart

CRM Solution Manager allows you to download, modify, and publish your Chart XML files. This makes it easy to modify your CRM charts allowing you to create multiple chart series or convert your 2D chart into a 3D chart. The same features such as 1-click publishing and auto-backup are available for chart xml files as well.

Multiple Organizations

You can link an unlimited number of organizations
to a single Visual Studio solution

CRM Solution Manager was made with the purpose of being able to re-use code and to create libraries that can be deployed to any solution. No more copying and pasting code. Update 1 file in one location and re-deploy it to any of the solutions using it.

If you have both a development and production environment, or have multiple clients that use the same code, CRM Solution Manager allows you to link multiple CRM organizations to a single Visual Studio solution or project.

Link new organization

Source Control

Support for TFS or other source control systems allows you to utilize your ALM methodology

CRM Solution Manager uses an XML based file to store all configuration information, allowing you to upload this file along with the solution into any source control system.  Other users can download this file along with the solution and all items will automatically be linked with their local version and CRM..

Supported Versions

Compatible with Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015
Compatible with CRM 2011, 2013 and 2015